Description                                             Rate

28mm Model                                           £10.00
28mm Character                                     £15.00
28mm Monster (Ogre – Dragon)          £15.00 - £150.00

10mm Tank                                              £5.00
10mm Infantry Stand                              £2.50
10mm War Engine                                  £10.00 - £20.00

Ship/ Escort                                            £5.00
Ship/ Cruiser/Light Cruiser                  £10.00 - £15.00
Ship Large Battleship/Station              £20.00

10/15mm Unit                                          £15.00
10/15mm Artillery Unit                           £10.00
10/15mm Large  Machine/Monster      £10.00
10/15mm Character Unit                       £15.00

54mm Model or bust                             £40.00
Scratchbuilt Master Class Model        £100.00

TEL:- 01582517694 OR 07821557097
Turn around on miniatures depends on current workloads.

Normal turn around on most figures is 7 to 10 days.

For Companies wanting paintings for their website we have a fully equipped
studio for taking high quality digital pictures and can email them to you for
your websites of box art.
There is no extra charge for this service!